Hello, my name is Shourya Sarcar. I live in Bangalore, India and work for GE Healthcare. GE is a wonderful employer, but this is my personal blog. The opinions and experiences are solely mine and my employer may not subscribe to them.



  1. I have Suse 10 installed and
    find it is not connecting to the web.
    I was looking for some help
    as I am just a novice.

    My apolygies if this is inappropriate.


  2. Namaste Shourya!
    I just found your blog. You are even more talented than I previously knew. Such a gifted writer, you are. Your blog reminded me that I never finished reading John Wooden’s Pyramid. Thanks for the link – it motivated me to do it immediately. I liked the Self Control and Intentness parts best (maybe because they speak loudly to my own growth challenges?).
    I hope you are able to resolve the morning dilemma. I am also working hard on the “early to bed, early to rise” practice. The problem is, I really like staying awake in the wee hours and it is so warm under that comforter. Some success since I put an electric heater and candles in the bathroom. I rush out of bed to turn on/light, then back under the covers for 10-15 while it warms up. Having a highly agitating ringtone on my cell alarm helps as well. It is so annoying that I have to get up and turn it off (oh yes, out of arms reach:-)
    Good luck and Happy Travels. Don’t forget to plan Erie PA as part of your journey. Summer is defintely best! L


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