The wine of Messina

Almost three months of the year has gone by and I noticed that my blog, oh my so favorite blog, does not have a single post this year.

Today evening was marked by some amazing homemade pizza at Steve & Gaia’s house. Though Gaia is Italian, Steven’s dough recipe is American.  The pizza, especially cooked over an organic deadwood fire, was simply “smokingly” superb. And he has said he will share that with me !

I like the evenings when dinner is over by 8:30. Should do more of those. Came back home and sunk into the new album by Mark Knopfler, Tracker. With every passing album, Knopfler grows more refined, more subtle. I guess someone trying to find the Dire Straits’ prodigious guitarist will be supremely disappointed. His music does not surprise me any more. I know the tunes, as if I have heard them since I was growing up by the ocean.  But I love it. This has now gone into my blood. Like the wine of Messina.

They were young and love was shining
Like the colours of the rainbow
Desire felt like choking
Love was smoking under the volcano
He can still taste her kisses
Sweet as the red wine from Messina
Now he’s sitting out in the night
Looking down upon the lights of Taormina


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