First books from Fletcher Allen

Ryana and I got our memberships to the Fletcher Allen Free Library. A bit of a misleading statement because the membership is not free if you are not a resident of Burlington. And since, technically, we are residents of South Burlington, we had to shell out $35 + $2 for an annual membership. Which, when you compare the smell of being in a beautiful library, is money well-spent.

We were in a hurry to get back home, so could not spend much time. Picked up a few books in a hurry.

A few books in the "new" section on cooking, just to look at some of the menus and scour for improvisational ideas.



A couple of books on hiking in the area.



And do not ask me why I picked this. Here we go again.


Apart from a couple of maagazines, Ryana picked up, what is apparently "a quick read for smart girls"



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