Here’s to Shubham


My friends are turning middle-aged. An awesome vocalist and a bandmate for longer than either of us could care now, Shubham is no exception. And like most others, he is deeply entrenched in the Seven sins, albeit in varying degrees. Wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony. What makes Shubham stand apart though, is that he has elevated gluttony to an art form.

Durga Puja is on the corner and it is no secret that for Bengalis food and new clothes are equal parts of prime importance. Flirting and romance lists after that and alas, religion and the Goddess finish a distant fourth.

This poem, Shubham wrote and put up on Facebook, is one of the most brilliant captures of the Calcutta puja-foodie ethos I have read in a long long time. I will not attempt any translation lest I spoil the, erm, meal.


aschey Kolkata trip e chhipi eNte khaabo,
Nizaam , Arsalan, Golbari jaabo.
ja jor plan korechi , jani na kotha thambo..
.. Peter cat, China town, Flurys, Mocambo..
Doi @ Sen mohashoy, shondesh @ Nokur,
Bhai shob, gaal dio na.. calling me a Kukur..!
khuNje ber korboi dhakaai porotaa, Ujjala chanachur..
shaNtaabo roll mullick bazaar-e, filled with goru (kimba bachhur)..
Anaadi-te moglai..Kulfi @ Ralli Singh..
road side aloo kabli, foochka … c’mon..! goes without saying..
e chara shoshur baari luchi, mishti o mangsho,
maa-er haat’er kochur loti, ilish bhapey dhongsho..
araai bochor er jomey thaka khidey o obhimaan..
..duur hobey ebar.. jurobey pet-mon-praan..!

Write on (and eat on) – bandleader, 2 AM friend.



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