The Russell Peters Weekend

Weekends are funny. I pile up a lot of undone work, waiting for the weekend to arrive and that’s when I will clear them off. And I have my lists as well. But when the weekend finally arrives, I am usually so tired from the week, I just collapse into enjoying into alarming laziness. Today was Russell Peter all morning, well ah except a nice couple we met who had come to purchase our nice shoe-rack. Too nice nice ? Then let’s head back to some Russell Peters before I spend a nice evening at KGA drinking with a man who a few months ago told me he had insider information that Narendra Modi would not be the BJP PM candidate. Nice whiskey conversation up ahead.

Back to Russell Peters. I am starting to love how he digs at Indians. And Italianos, Chinese, Trinis, Jamaicans, Whites, Blacks. And well, women – a whole race in themselves. I guess we are all crooked. If you can look past the profanity, this RP video has some pretty nice deep truths.

What I laughed even more at was a comment, ostensibly made by a (thinking) woman



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