Indian Passport for an Infant or Minor in Bangalore

Earlier this month (Sep 2013), we got our son’s passport done at the Bangalore Passport Seva Kendra (on Outer Ring Road). I am jotting down my experience, hoping this might serve as a reference to others in a similar situation. Do note that this is how it worked out for me, your scenario might be different.

This was my situation.

  1. My son is 8 months old, born Jan 2013.
  2. He does not have any passport (Fresh issue needed)
  3. Both my wife (his mother) and I hold valid Indian passports.
  4. Both of us were present and able to go to the Passport Seva Kendra and none of us objected to having his passport done. This is mostly the case, but in some cases, one parent might not be in town. A few more documents are needed in that case.
  5. Both our passports have each others name endorsed on the back page under “Spouse Name”.
  6. We wanted a Tatkal passport because we are expecting to go for a VISA stamping shortly.
  7. We wanted to submit an online application. I am sure there is a paper process as well, but it was convenient for us to do as much work as possible online.
  8. The location is Bangalore, but I think most of it will work at other places.

The Passport Websites

There are two passport websites maintained by the government.



No. 2 is the one which is the gateway for online applications and the one you need to use. Do note that this website is under constant development and many of the screenshots might have changed by the time you are reading this !

Creating a login


You need to create a “user id” or “login” for your use. This is mandatory and very useful in the later stages. You simply need to provide an email id and a password. Do note that the email id is used in multiple steps along the way, so do provide an ID that you can check easily.

e-Form Submission


While there are a number of ways you can choose to submit an application, we chose the e-Form Submission, which is also the current recommendation. This mode is valid for both Tatkal as well as Normal applications. The process is quite simple and if you have filed taxes in India online, you would instantly recognize the pattern.

  1. You download a PDF form.
  2. You fill the PDF form with your (applicant’s) details
  3. You validate the form and generate an XML file by simply clicking on a button at the bottom of the form.
  4. Save the XML file to a convenient location on your computer.
  5. Upload the XML form onto the website (after logging in)

You can download the form from the left hand panel. (Over time this might change I am sure !)






You will note that the line in which you have to fill the “House No. and Street Name” will accommodate 42 characters only ! And it is likely that your address might not fit in here. Abbreviate as much as possible and worry not. This will be taken care of at the Passport Seva Kendra.




When you upload the XML, an Application Receipt Number of ARN will be generated. Do note it carefully, it will be required later.

Documents Required

These were the documents required by me.


  1. Front and back page copy of father’s passport, self attested
  2. Front and back page copy of mother’s passport, self attested
  3. Copy of marriage certificate, if parents’ names are not endorsed as “Spouse” in respective passports.
  4. Copy of birth certificate, attested by one parent
  5. Print-out of the submitted e-Form or the ARN (Application Receipt Number)


  1. Annexure H, signed by both parents, in original (keep a copy, but submit the one with original signatures at the PSK)
  2. Father’s passport
  3. Mother’s passport
  4. Birth certificate

Simplifying assumptions

Our’s was relatively a very simple and straight forward case because

  1. Both parents were available for the passport interview
  2. Both parents had valid passport (with ample time for expiration)
  3. Both parents had the same address (our current address) on the passport and this was provided as my son’s address too. This vastly reduced hassles around establishing evidence of residence.

Annexure H

Annexure H is a simple signed declaration by both parents which establishes that they are responsible for all fees and they take responsibility of providing correct information about the child. It is a very simple declaration typed and signed on plain paper, no notary stamps or special attestation is needed.


This is how it looked in our case. The Ashoka Pillar insignia was my creative genius to make the document look hip and formal; but it is not needed and probably best avoided.

What is NOT required

  1. Standard Affidavit or Annexure I is not needed for Minors.
  2. Verification Certificate for Tatkaal Passports (Annexure “F”) is not needed for minors
  3. Unlike what’s mentioned on some websites/blogs, there is no need to write an request letter for a Tatkaal or justify the need for a Tatkaal.

Hopefully this simplifies things ! I spent a lot of time on the net researching whether these are needed or not.


This is one of the more difficult exercises if your child is very young (less than a year). I clicked the photo myself, by laying him down on the bed on a large white cloth. I used a D-SLR but a reasonably good camera with sufficient resolution would suffice. Dare I say, one of the newer cell phones too ! After that I took a few candidate photos to Whizz ! and they picked one and did a good job of some post-processing and printing it out. Do note that it might be easier to take your child to a professional shop who know how to take passport photos (e.g ears much be visible, the child should not be smiling, correct angle and perspective etc).

Cute as they are, none of these worked !





But finally, this one did the job (after some photo-shopping) !image





Carry a set of photos to the interview, but likely you will need just one.

The Passport Interview

It’s called an interview, but it is essentially going to the PSK and submitting the documents and verifying the originals. The best thing is that you do not need an appointment for minors at the Bangalore PSKs. We just walked in around 10 AM. Also note that, per the same note:

Tatkaal applicants are allowed as walk-in category with effect from 23/05/2013. They can go directly to any of the PSKs, with Application Reference Numbers (ARN), during 9:30 AM to 11:00 AM on any working day.

So, I guess we had a double whammy on our side – minor + Tatkaal ! Note that this is only for some PSKs (including Bangalore) but not necessarily at all PSKs. Do check the website for information about your specific Passport Office.


You should see a drop-down box like this on the webpage from which you can find specific information about your passport office.

Do bring the minor with you.Sai Arcade has a convenient attached parking lot just behind it.This is how it went after we arrived.

  1. A little bit of explanation to the guard stating that we had come for a minor’s passport and a Tatkaal. The baby was in tow and the guard politely (well, not so politely) pointed us to a queue.
  2. There was a separate marked queue for minors and senior citizens. One of the TCS Citizen Service Executives asked for our documents, the copies as well as the originals. She made a nice docket out of the copies and promptly returned the originals. Then she printed out a paper token and requested us to go “inside” to counter A – the inner hall ! There is a copier at the PSK so just in case you are short of a copy, it can come quite handy. Re. 1 per copy.
  3. In the inner hall, there are three banks of Counters: A –> B –> C. To get access to the inner hall, you need the barcoded token from the outer hall and only then will you be let in by the guard through a turnstile. The inner chamber has provisions for water, light snacks and a baby centre for changing, feeding taking care of an infant.
  4. Counter A: This is where most of the work gets done. This is manned by TCS execs and is quite smooth. The CSE was very polite and went through the originals once again.
    • She accepted a photo of the child and scanned it and uploaded it on the system
    • She accepted INR 3000 as passport fees in cash (INR 1000 for issuance, INR 2000 for Tatkal). All receipts provided.
    • She corrected the address (Which was abbreviated) by copying it from the father’s passport.
    • She took my son’s fingerprint which was later affixed on the passport in lieu of a signature.
    • She directed us to Counter B
  5. Counter B: This is manned by an office from the Government. There were no questions asked. We were asked to show the originals – birth certificate and parents passports. We were asked to go to Counter C.
  6. Counter C: Another govt. official and the same activity as Counter B. I enquired how long it would take and the person gently replied that a Tatkaal would take about 2-3 days.
  7. We were asked to leave for the day and near the departure gate we were handed over a receipt for the entire transaction.

This was quicker beyond our expectations – it took only an hour from walking into the PSK to walking out !

This was the overall turn of events.

Monday Filled in the e-Form ,uploaded the submission and got the ARN
Tuesday Impromptu passport appointment (walk-in)
Thursday Passport was dispatched via Speed Post
Friday Passport was delivered to our residence

If this blog post helps you (or does not), do leave a note or mention your experience as a comment so that others might benefit. Suggestions and corrections welcome.

In summary, a very pleasant experience in my case. Kudos to the Private-Govt partnership that makes this possible. I hope more people can experience such smooth interaction at government offices. Two thumbs-up !



  1. Very informative.
    I too need to apply for a normal passport for my 2 Yrs old son at Sai Arcade PSK. Myself and my wife already have passport.
    Are you aware if I need to pay fees online or can I pay the fees in PSK? And do I need to take prior appointment for normal passport as well or can I walkin?

    Thanks in advance.


  2. This is very very useful info. Thanks a ton for your time and clear steps. I planned to apply passport for my kid during mid of Nov. y that time will be just 2.5 months old. Is this right age to take him to PSK? Also I planned to take in normal quota rather Tatkaal. In that case is it possible to get in PSK without waiting in queue and how long it will take to deliver the password for normal quota?


  3. Note: Please carry two copies of “Print-out of the submitted e-Form or the ARN (Application Receipt Number)” One copy is taken at the counter where token is issued and one copy goes into the file which you take from counter A->B->C


  4. hi

    I have few questions.I am applying for a new tatkal passport for my 6 month old baby.

    1. Should the photocopies be self attested by both the parents?( I believe the baby’s sign/thumb impression not needed)

    2.Should the baby’s photo be pasted in the application form print out?

    Please let me know


  5. Dear SriniV,
    Sorry for the delay in responding. You have probably figured this out by now.

    1. The photocopies should be attested. If they are not, the person in coutner B will ask you, so nothing to worry about. In any case, both parents need to be there (under normal circumstances).

    2. Take the photo along with you but do not paste/staple.


  6. It is neccessary to have Marriage certificate while applying Passport for infact.. I have noterised Marriage certificate does it works ?


  7. Bala
    It is betetr to have your marriage certificate with you, esp since you already have it. You do need a marriage certificate for any change of name (for your wife) or to “endorse” the passports. “Endorse” in this context means that your wife’s passport will bear your name on the last page as “Spouse” and vice-versa, It comes in pretty handy later on in many situations – as long as you stay married.


  8. Thank you very much, Simply Superb !! Procedure explained very nicely. I was very confusing with this matter, but fortunately, found a blog of yours of similar situation, I’m going to apply for my baby in hyderabad.
    Excellent efforts!!


  9. We are planning to apply passport for our daughter who is 8 months old.

    We, her parents have our respective passports issued before our marriage. Hence we do not have our Spouse Name available in the passport.

    In that case, the passport website FAQS, >> Q7 says we need to have the Spouse Names added in ours.

    Found the below statement in the post.
    //Copy of marriage certificate, if parents’ names are not endorsed as “Spouse” in respective passports.//

    Could you advice which one is correct?


    1. Hello Sateesh,

      Seems your case is similar to mine , I am too planning to go. how was your experience, did you got the passport for your Kid?



  10. Thank you so much for all the information. I have already taken appointment for my Daughter’s (who is a minor) passport under normal Q. However I was a little worried as neither mine nor my wife’s passport has spouse name endorsed. But the point which you made above ” Copy of marriage certificate, if parents’ names are not endorsed as “Spouse” in respective passports. ” really eased my worries. We have the required certificate. Hopefully they will accept it without any objections to have spouse names endorsed.


    1. Chetan, did you get thru without a problem? I too have a similar situation and hoping that they let you thru without a problem. which PSK?


  11. I am applying for reissue of passport for my parents who come under senior citizen category. I have filled their application form and uploaded to the website and even took the printout of ARN. But I read in Bangalore RPO page that walk in applicants need to take the printout of ARN at Bangalore one centre and that B1 centre would put a seal on the ARN printout. Now my question is : is it neccessary to get the ARN printed from Bangalore one centre for walk in applicant or can I do it myself?


    1. Shubha, I cannot answer your question with authority since I did not face that situation. For a minor, I did not have to go to the B1 center or any other RPO office first to get a stamp. We printed our own form and went directly to the ORR Passport Seva Kendra. However, your case is slightly different since it is that of senior citizens. Have you tried the passport phone helpline ?


      1. Thank you for the information. Senior citizens also come under walk in category. So I guess We can print our own form.

  12. Hi, Thanks for such an informative blog.
    I wanted to apply a fresh passport for my 2 yr old kid, I got the ARN under normal quota and I paid money online. System has generated receipt and given a date to visit PSK. Later, I realized that we can walk-in if the applicant is less than 3 yrs. Now, can we still walk-in any day with the same ARN or do we have to visit on the allocated date and time?


  13. I called passport seva customer care guy, it seems we can’t walk-in with the ARN for which system has already generated a schedule. If we want to walk-in, generate another ARN, walk-in and pay the cash at PSK.


    1. Hi Sandeep – totally incorrect. I had the same case, got an appointment on Feb 21st after paying the fee for my 10 month old son’s passport. I did a walk in today and got the passport done . You can walk in irrespective an appointmen has been generated or not


  14. How long does it take to get a passport for a minor under normal categories, because its already 12 days and I am not seeing any changes in status for the application.


    1. I have heard incidents where it took upto 3 months while in some cases it has been delivered in 10 days. The problem with “normal” is that there is no guarantee – it varies a lot. That is why I do not recommend a “normal” – they extra INR 1500 is worth it. Do follow up with the local police station – they will be responsible for verification of address of the parents. Usually they do not hold it up since *some* can ask for money. Hope you get within a few days. All the best.


    1. I am not sure if you can change, but you can surely cancel and take a new appointment (or walk-in if minor) for Tatkaal.


  15. Very useful information. I am planning to apply passport for my 1 year old daughter and paid fee online and got appointment for next month, but from the discussions here i see we don’t need an appointment for minors and can visit PSK as walkin, I was wondering if do they really allow walk in ?

    Also neither of us ( parents) have the spouse name endorsed on their passport. I went through passport website and no where it mentioned it will accept marriage certificate, Always i see the passport must be renewed to add spouse name and then apply for minor passport. Is this correct ?


    1. Hello Nagarjuna, I just walked in for my child wihtout appointment (in August 2013), who was about 8 months at that time. Also, it is not mandatory to have your names endorsed in the passport as spouses but you do need to have your marriage certificate and attested copies.


  16. One of the best information available regarding tatkal+minor passport on the internet. Too bad that PSK in Delhi/Gurgaon doesn’t allow walk-in ARN for minors. Nonetheless, your blog really helped me in clearing few things out. Cheers!


  17. Is there a restriction when you can apply for the baby passport? Can we apply as soon as we get the birth certificate, since we also need to apply for visa which takes several months to process.


  18. Great work and wonderful Informations available.

    I have my own share of worries, I am applying for my 2 months old son , Me neither my wife has spouse name endorsed in the passport, I called the customer care but they seems to be very rigid with endorsing of spouse name to apply for minors passport?

    I dont have time in hand as I need to travel soon , and reissuing of either of me or wife passport will delay things.

    Isit really mandatory to have spouse name endorsed? as it does not show up in list of documents provided by documend advisor of the site.

    any one who managed to get through it recently ? I am applying from mumbai.

    any suggestion is welcomed



    1. Sunil, possibly you have already seen the response from Arthi. Unfortunately, it seems that you *do* need to have the spouse name endorsed.


      1. Thanks for the reply.

        I have applied for mine passport in tatkal for wife’s name endorsement.
        As everybody knows we can apply using the file number , so I went next day with Tatkal appointment.
        APO said you cannot apply for Tatkal as you still dont have a valid passport and with file number you can apply normal but not Tatkal, something very contradictory what Call centre guys have said.

        However on pushing APO further he said you could have got the annexure F , if you wanted a tatkal passport and spouse name endorsement is not needed in that case, again something contradictory with what we have been reading accross and call centre has been saying.

        I got the Annexure F ( Luckily I had good contacts to get it in 1 hours) and applied for tatkal processing and it was accepted.

        Moment I left PSk , I got alert that mine passport was printed and dispatched , I got passport next day so 1 day’s processing time.

        I am yet to recive my litttle one’s passport I hope I will get it in another 1-2 days .

        So jist of my experience is that it completly depends on APO what is is understanding for your case.

        Hope this helps to oneone who comes across this wonder full blog.

        CHEERS 🙂

    2. Hello Sunil,

      I’m also planning to apply passport for my 2 months old son. How about the photo? Could you please share your experiences for the photo? Also please let me know your flight experiences if you traveled with the 2 month old kid.


  19. For those who are applying, my 9 months’s son’s passport appln was rejected since neither of us – the parents had endorsed spouse name – they say this is the decision of RPO bangalore ( regional decision) and now we are applying for spouse endorsement…so pls make sure ur regional RPO either accepts it or apply that first..

    One method that they mentioned is, after we file the parent’s passport for spouse addition, we can mention the file name/ARN name and process child’s passport if parent’s passport is under process…this is what I was infomed


    1. This is unfortunate; very sorry to hear this, Arthi. Technically, a child should be able to get a passport even if his/her parent’s do not have a passport.


    2. Did they send you reason for rejection writing ( letter)? RPO cannot make their decision. RPO shoudl simply follow the process. These kind of decisions should made by the government.

      What if only the father has passport and mother do not have passport, in those cases what they do ?


  20. Very helpfull with regarding to the passport of minors,except one thing ie, as far as bangalore PSk is concerned walkin for minors are allowed if they are 3yrs or lesser other wise you have to take an appointment.And appointments for Tatkal is not very easy to get,now your child is more than three years,then take a normal appointment ,visit the centre on the appointment date and you can request for Tatkal there cos they have given me that for my son who is 7yr old, but for that you have to go inside, stand in que,not very long one then you can request for tatkal and normally they will give if your papers are proper.


  21. Hi;
    I have a question,

    Are you aware if I need to pay fees online or I can pay the fees in PSK for a NORMAL appointment????



  22. Hi, thank you for such an informative blog! I stay in Dubai and my wife and son currently in Bangalore. I want to apply for my sons passport who is 4 months old. I have to get an affidavit from the local embassy to get the passport issued.
    My question is in regards to address proof. Will my attested passport copy be accepted as an address proof? My wife’s passport has an old address from where we have moved on. My concern is mainly because my original passport cannot be produced at the PSK. Not sure if they accept fathers address proof if he cannot be present while applying. When I call the help desk they give contradictory statements!


    1. Your son will be asked to provide an address of residence which should be same as your’s (the father’s). The wife’s address not being “current” should not be an issue in this case; but technically the PSK can raise questions as to why both parent’s address is not the same, whose custody the child is in, in which case the issue gets murkier.


  23. Great write-up. I would like to add up for the purpose of other parents applying for the infant passport. Incase of one of the Parent is travelling or residing abroad then an affidavit from the nearest embassy needs to be submitted. This affidavit can be downloaded (Affidavit H) from website. If this affidavit is presented the PSK will allow the application from one of the parent when he/she goes in person. (or else both parents have go together to apply for Infant passport)


  24. Hi,
    I need to apply for passport for my twin kids(minors). Can I apply for both at the
    same visit to passport office by generating 2 ARNs?
    Also I do not have any pending visa stampings. Even then can I apply under Tatkal quota
    or do I have to go via Normal route ?



  25. Hi Mukund,
    You do not need to have to show an upcoming / urgent travel to get passport via Tatkaal and yes you can generate two ARNs for your twins and get them done on the same day. Costs a little more, but I think Tatkaal is a better route.


  26. Hi,
    I have a question regarding address proof. Both my address and my husband’s address in the passport is different from what we are going to apply for my daughter. In that case Should it be enough if we provide an address proof while applying for the passport. Her birth certificate will have the current address which we would like to have it on her passport. Can someone tell me the details if you have come across a situation like this.

    Thanks !!


    1. I believe that won’t suffice. You need an address proof that states that you have been staying in the current place for at least a year. I had to take both Voter Id and Aadhar Card. And in fact they double verified if the Aadhar was issued at least a year back. They accept bank statement as address proof. Visit any branch, get the statement for a year and get it stamped with bank seal. That should work, it worked for a friend of mine.


      1. Thanks Imon for the reply. But we havent been staying in this current address for an year now. Looks like my case is little complicated. Any suggestion ?

  27. Thanks for the informative post. I followed your post and was able to complete the formalities without any hassle. In fact it took me just 45 minutes (Entered at 10:10, came out at 10:55), kudos to the excellent service provided by PSK, Outer Ring Road.


    1. Hi, Let us know when you receive the passport. Does anyone know if there is a shortage of booklets? We applied for our infant early June and the status online says its been granted and under processing. Quite frustrating.


  28. Hi,

    I want to get the passport for my one month old daughter. But both of the parents passports doesn’t have spouse endorsements. I have the original marriage certificate. As per PSK site, it says one of the parent passport needs spouse endorsement. So i just want to know if anyone who went to PSK office without spouse endorsements. Please share your experiences. Thanks in advance.


    1. This Blog is very helpful. I did my Child’s new passport via tatkal. Neither my Wife’s PP or Mine had each others names. Had to make new PP for wife with my name endorsed. Only then we could apply for child’s PP. Got Wife’s PP & Child’s PP within 07 working days. My only issue is these people asking to put ink on babies thumb and take impression. Too difficult for babies. Need to find alternative to it.


      1. Hi
        I need to get my passport done for my one month old son. Neither of parents’ passport has spouse name endorsed. So I have applied for my wife’s reissue passport with spouse name endorsed. Its Normal application and Ii am still waiting for wife’s passport to arrive.

        1. Can i apply for my son’s passport using wife’s passport’s File Number? So i do need to waste time waiting for wife’s passport.

        2. If i book tatkal appointment for son’s passport, Will RPO/APO accept son’s application with wife’s File number?


      2. I had similar case as yours , I applied for my passport under tatkal and I went for my Son’s passport as well for tatkal. with the BO file number. but the APO said I cannot apply passport under tatkal using the file number , and he asked if you want it to be processed the the verification certificate and other docs required for any tatkal passport.

        So it might work for you or may be not , you can give it a try , it depends on the APO’s mood.

        I applied in Mumbai worli psk, if this helps.

  29. Hi

    I need to apply for passport under tatkal for my one month old son. I have two queries:

    1. I will be travelling abroad next week and my wife and kid are in Delhi and would be coming back to Bangalore only next month. I have my passport updated with current address and my spouse name endorsed. However my wife still holds passport with old address and doesnt have my name endorsed in the passport.
    Is it sufficient to submit Annexure H with attested copy of my passport becasue I will not be able to produce the original passport for verification
    do I still have to submit Affidavit duly attested by the Indian Embassy/Consulate abroad

    2. Do we need to book an appointment for tatkal passport for infants or is it walk-in ?



    1. 1. If you are applying for your son’s passport in person, you do not need sworn affidavit but if your wife applies then she definitely needs sworn affidavit. Spouse name endorsement can be in any passport. Annexure H is needed for both the cases. I dont think there will be any issue with address; your son’s passport can have either address.

      2. Not sure about bangalore RPO, but tatkal appointment is needed minor passport in chennai RPO


      1. Thanks Suresh for the inputs. Since I am travelling next week itself and my wife n kid will be going for passport issue only next month , looks like I need to submit sworn affidavit duly attested by the Indian Embassy/Consulate abroad.

  30. It is very very useful information. Actually I am planning to visit PSK with my son without appointment after going through this blog.


  31. Hi, this blog is really helpful in clarifying a lot of doubts about kid’s passport application process. Superb job. I have a query though wrt the process. I have my spouse’s name in my passport but it is her post marriage name. The passport she has right now has her pre marriage surname. Will it be a problem for my 2 year old kid’s passport application? I had submitted the marriage certificate and Annexure H when I had renewed my passport last year. Also just to confirm I do not need to take an appointment for my kids passport. I can just walk in into PSK?


    1. Hello Abhishek,
      Your wife having a name in her current passport that is different from the one endorsed in yours/marriage certificate is likely to pose a problem. I would suggest that you normalize the situation as early as possible, by getting your wife’s passport name changed.

      You can look at the various comments in this blog for experiences, but Bangalore PSK usually entertains Tatkaal for minors without prior appt. (as walk-in)









  33. This blog helped me to start passport process for my kid (11 months). This blog came true word by word.

    I had my wife’s name endorsed in my passport and I had the correct address in my passport. However my wife did not have my name endorsed as spouse and even her address was different. But that did not create any problem in our case. Passport guys did not even ask for marriage certificate. They were concerned only about my details (I guess they were giving extra weightage to my details, which may seem wrong but it worked in my favor so I don’t mind). Other than my details, they just checked kid’s birth certificate.

    One problem I faced was entering address for my kid. Since he is 11 months, downloaded PDF was asking me to give second address details. So I logged into portal and instead of PDF, I directly filled in form on website. That worked for me.

    It was hardly 45 minutes affair for us. We walked in at around 9 AM in Belandur PSK, Bangalore and those guys were just starting their work.


  34. Hello, My wife and me has a different address in the passport and we are planning to do two things

    1. Adding spouse name in my wife’s and my passport
    2. Getting a new passport for my 7 month old baby.

    Can someone tel me how to do it without any hastle.




  35. Excellent Info.. I precisely got what I was looking for. Very valuable post.

    Below are the additional details for those who are applying for a new passport:
    – Walk-in applications are now accepted only for Senior citizens and children below 3 years. If your child is >3 years, then it’s mandatory to take an online appointment. This is valid for both Normal & Tatkal applications.
    – For online Tatkal appointment, the timing window for Bangalore is 4.30pm (timing changes from city to city). If you try outside of this window, then you will get a message indicating that Tatkal appointments not available for this RPO.
    – Please plan to login promptly by 4.30pm as even 2 minutes delay can result in not getting an appointment. Since the number of tatkal applications per day is very limited (60 appointments for Bangalore – Bellandur office), the booking gets over very fast. There are also many agents (who claim to have high speed computers) to get tatkal appointment for a “fee”.
    – I tried for 3 days continuously and luckily on 4th day, I got the tatkal appointment.

    Good luck


  36. Mine and my wife passport address is is Bangalore and spouse name is endorsed in one of the passport. Can i apply my daughter(1.5 years old) passport in Bangalore by providing my Bangalore address. any complications here??
    Pls. help me with some suggestions.


  37. wanted to check if you gave references of people in your locality for your new born’s passport-is that required or can that be skipped?


  38. Excellent Blog…Great info. Thanks so much. I have 2 questions. Please share your valuable experiences:
    We have a 5.6 year old boy and a 5 month old boy.

    1.) Will use your inputs to apply for a new passport for the younger kid. However, my husbands passport has Kalpakkam, Tamil Nadu as address and I (wife) have Chennai, TN as my address. We have been staying in Bangalore for 2 years now. I can produce the following as address proofs for Bangalore:
    Gas bill, Lease agreement, Aadhaar or a letter from company.
    We have the spouse endorsement done in both our passports.
    Now which address will the Younger kids have?

    2.) The older kids has my (Mothers) address on his passport which will expire end of this year. His passport needs to be renewed. Again, there is a confusion in which address do I need to follow. Any info on this will really help

    Thanks in advance,


  39. Hi its a nice blog with wonderful piece of information. I have a case and expect the help of fellow members. My son is 18 months old and we have his birth certificate where my name is mentioned as “Manoj Shukla” and my middle name “Kumar” has not been mentioned. In all my legal documents including passport , marriage certificate my name is mentioned as “Manoj Kumar Shukla”. Can I still go to the passport office with this Birth certificate mentioning my name as “Manoj Shukla”. Will there be an issue ? Or is there any workaround ? I am going to apply in Tatkal and the passport required is bit urgent. I do not have enough time for correcting the name in the birth certificate as it was made in MP an I am currently in Bangalore. Please suggest.


    1. Unlikely that this will be a problem. If your wife’s name is matching on your son’s BC and your marriage certificate, you should not have to worry.


  40. My wife moved to US and I was good enuf to get the Annexure H signed before she left. But our addresses are different. But addresses on Passports are different. Whats to be done here?


  41. Thank you for your informative post. My husband has an Indian passport and US green card while I’m a US citizen of Indian origin. We are considering surrogacy in Mumbai and will need to get an Indian passport for the infant when s/he is born. How long will it take? My husband’s family lives in Bangalore so we could get the passport there. What sort of visa do we get for the baby?


    1. What will be definitely in question is the citizenship of the child and location of stay of the parents. I am not sure if you have decided that your child will be an Indian citizen since you are an US citizen, s/he can be a US citizen too, in which case s/he will not need/have an Indian passport. All she will need is an OCI (Overseas Citizen of India) card for future visits to India. If you have decided that the child will be an Indian citizen, then the place of location of the parents will be an important question, that will determine, to start with where you can file for Passport. Given that your husband is a US Permanent Resident, it is unlikely that he will be able to establish a residence in India as his permanent residence. Sorry this does not answer your question directly, but unless the place of residence is established, the other questions will be inconsequential.


  42. Hi, Thanks for the great write up. I’ve a 14 month old son, whom “we” have named as Vihaan, however there is no documented proof that his name is Vihaan. Me and my wife both have passports with ample validity and same addresses. The birth certificate issued by the hospital as well as the local nagar nigam does not bear my son’s name. I also have a proper marriage certificate as well.

    Will this be a problem? If not then, What needs to be done to show that I’ve named my son as Vihaan?



    1. Dear Tanmay,

      As early as possible, get a birth certificate from you local nagar nigam (municipality) that his name is Vihaan.

      Not only for your passport, you/your son will need this very important document a lot in the future (even after his passport is done). The longer you delay this, the more problematic it will be to get a birth certificate with a name change.

      At this point in time, depending on your local authorities, you may need to get a court affidavit signed by a judicial magistrate to get the birth certificate. It is best to check with your local authorities.Your situation is not uncommon. In India, we often name the child a few months after birth, by which time the birth certificates have arrived and they may have fillers for the names such as “Baby Boy”, “Son of X”, etc.

      Thank you,


  43. Thank you very much Shourya. I highly appreciate your reply, and I’ll do exactly as you have told. Once I’ve more information, or any question, I’ll come back here. Here’s wishing you a very happy and prosperous 2016 and thank you very much for your time.

    Best Regards


  44. Dear Shourya,

    Based on your comments, feedback and the suggestions, I have duly obtained the birth certificate for my son “with his name endorsed” on it. It required a couple of visits to Lucknow Municipal Corporation, and a 200 rupees bribe (small considering the job) to get that done. So this as you said will vastly reduce any hassles for obtaining a fresh passport for my son (my and my wife’s passports have same addresses as well as spouse name mentioned as well), as we are off to Singapore in May.

    Many thanks for your sincere efforts and a willingness to help. I wish you all the best for your future endeavors.

    Kind Regards


  45. Hi,
    The above information is very helpful. Thanks for all the efforts.
    I am in need of a fresh passport for my minor kid and need to update my personal details in my passport too, hence I have couple of questions, please assist.

    1. None of my govt issued Id proof documents (passport, voters card, aadar) has my new residence address. Can I take my LPG gas connection file showing my new address. Or I can get a bank letter that states my new home address.

    2. In my passport, I have my ‘Given Name’ having 3 words. This has caused problems as US visa requires middle name/ Sur name which are empty. My visa instead has it as ‘FNU’ – First name unknown.
    Can I split my given name in passport to have 1st word as Given name and the rest in sur name field?
    Do I need to give a newspaper ad for this?
    I would like to do the above split and change my residential address. What are the pre-requisites/docs?

    Would highly appreciate your response.
    Thanks in advance.


  46. Your situation is complicated. It would be best to contact a local passport office to get the exact specifics. I would urge you not to contact a tout/agent because they usually do not give the right information for complicated cases. If you have already got a US VISA, why would you want to change the details in your passport ?


  47. super sir….very very useful ..specially the affidavit part whether required or not was a big question for me


  48. Thanks for the detailed write up! Helps a lot….

    One quick query: Did you take a lot of photographs in soft copy along to the PSK? If they need a printed one, how many copies did you took along?

    I have taken an appointment for my daughter’s passport for Friday. I know the walkin rule, but the friday time suits me well….any help will be appreciated.




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