Can’t Stop Lovin’ Van Halen

There’s a time and place for everything
For everyone
We can push with all our might
But nothin’s gonna come

Can’t listen to this song enough number of times. It brings backs the memories of endlessly looping through this song my personal cassette copy of Balance, which is probably having fun in the dust in my attic room back in Calcutta now, with the other cassettes.

But then I am awfully Van Halen biased. VH was the finest stadium-rock band of our times and made some of the best videos of our generation (not to forget Aerosmith, Peter Gabriel, GnR). Pity, they don’t make videos like this anymore. And can I ever stop talking about Eddie Van Halen, my guitar God ? It’s not just because he plays gifted fast, it’s because you can feel that the guitar is an extension of his body, his soul, his thoughts.


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