Holy Hill







Holy Hill, Wisconsin is a bit more than just a church or a place of worship for me. Let’s say, I just love hanging out there. You don’t have to be a Christian and there’s ample parking space for sinners.

Back in 2001, when I first visited the US, I remember, how I was instructed by one of my colleagues to go and visit this beautiful place. He said it would make for a beautiful early evening drive and that I needed to go straight down Hwy 164 for half an hour and the church could easily be seen from a distance because it’s twin chapel towers stand out on the hill. After about 2 hours of driving, I came back that evening, no church in sight.

A few days later I realized I should have gone North on Hwy 164, not South.

For years, I have sought peace here. Many prayers, some answered. Some, I think #bigguy still owes me.

Here’s a photo I shot back in October 2012.

Autumn Blaze Holy Hill


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