13 years at GE

Yes, it’s been a while. Thirteen years ago, I started with GE in Bangalore as a clueless fresher (who apparently thought he was one of the smartest kids on the block). Not much has changed.

I am writing this sitting in our GE Healthcare offices in beautiful Burlington, Vermont. It is a bright sunny day. I have my camera but I do not feel like going out and clicking. This is the most time I have spent in an institution. No, not even in school – which was 12 years. And no, not even marriage.

GE has given me much. More than I can write on a blog (and if I do you would not buy my autobiography that’s coming out in a few years when I get rich and famous and all). And hopefully, I have contributed to the company as well.

A banner from a hackathon that started in our Bangalore offices with Arun B

As I look back today, a lot of memories crowd upon me. Not each one is sweet and happy, but all of them precious, nevertheless. The trip has been long and strange and at times I have thought of getting off the bus. But as I look forward, I smell some more of GE coming my way. As some say, “Old habbits die hard…”


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