Father’s Day 2013

The proudest award that sits on my desk is this one that my daughter, Ryana, made for me in 2012. With all it’s imperfections, I thought it could never be bettered.



Until this year, 2013, when Ryana made me a – of all things – a Powerpoint presentation, all by herself. She googled my some of my pictures, put the collages in Picasa and added some really neat transitions (although you cannot see them in the slideshare version below). Without a doubt, this is the best ppt I have ever seen Smile

She also made reservations at Halcyon, a local place which serves up a good poolside brunch and allows you to have a dip in the pool (the part which most excites her). Unfortunately, the pool was closed for some maintenance work and you can see her wistful by the pool. She learnt swimming right here, so I think this pool has a special place in her heart.


The buffet spread was sumptuous (and relatively inexpensive) and my pretty niece joined in with a yummy box of hazelnut candy !! Vivaan is least bothered about the camera – he has his sight  firmly set on the Keema Pao.




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