Hysteria, by Def Leppard, is one of my oldest concert faves. I have always been an ardent fan of the dual guitar sound of Phil Collen and Steve Clark, especially the clean, arpeggiated, precise guitar notes of Phil Collen.

Today I discovered a note from Mike Shipley, the recording engineer on Hysteria, on how they recorded the guitar sounds for Hysteria.

.. cos DL used so many 2nd’s and odd inversions in their chords so we would re-tune the gtr so that each chord could be played “open” instead of fretted.,……especially for the clean sounds, so that the sustain and openness would stay for each chord , again no one in their right mind would do any of this , and we most certainly had lost our minds ages ago.”

Of course, any mention of the Def Leppard sound would be incomplete with a hat tip to John Mutt Lange – the extreme producer of their records.

So here’s one to the many concerts at Nazrul Mancha, Calcutta – some of them watched by climbing on to the fencing because we had no money.

Hysteria, when you near !

Hysteria–Def Leppard

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