My Summer Vacation : Day 1

Day 1 of my vacation was quite cool.

Flowers at Ulsoor Lake – 2012

Took Ma to the Jeevan Bima Nagar nursery. I am so not a garden person but I love giving company and lugging pots and manure and plants. My mom is just the opposite. I guess she can survive on flowers. Bumped into Lavanya at the nursery; she now works at HP. On the way back home, picked up some Prawn Pepper Fry (which was monstrously hot!) and Mutton Pepper Fry (which was insanely flavourful) from a small Kerala restaurant called Malabar Coast. Posted the pictures from Amyt da’s masterclass that I went to in March. Posted a couple of pictures from the last Assam trip. Framed a  picture of Ryana and me at the recent Bring Junior To Work Day. Also framed a certificate that Ryana had made for and awarded me for being the World’s Best Dad. Right around noon, I got an SMS from Amyt da which says,

“Hi S, heard yr cd. Soulful n tasteful.,intelligent. These r the most important features of art which you already have. Nice, I like it. Work on yr physical chops if u have time to sound a lil more pro. Best of luck. Tk cr.”

So I am all charged up and up on cloud nine ! And this little encouragement nicely segues into one of my bucket list items (yes ! I have one) and that is to be able to play “Giant Steps” by John Coltrane. So have been practicing some basic chord changes for the tune. I think if I try I can get it down in 2 -3 years. Let’s see.


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