Another Saturday

Ashish and Praiyanka came over today to see the little baby in the evening.

Late night movie Django Unchained. I am a big fan of Tarantino but this one is a rare disappointment. Except for moments, Di Caprio is below par. Jamie Foxx reminds me of Suniel Shetty – a bag of unjustified bravado. Christoph Waltz pulls a fine one as a “dapper European gent”. Save remind us of the horrors of slavery down South, the film serves no useful purpose – cinematic or entertainment. Mention must be made of Samuel L. Jackson, who Tarantino treats mighty fine like in many of his previous movies and that gent delivers one helluva scary performance. Blood and gore on overload (which I am actually OK with but not for the weak of heart) can still be withstood in the name of dramatic effect but bodies flying off perpendicular to the direction of gunshot is not what one expects from a Tarantino movie. What ballistic nonsense !


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