How to win a Lok Sabha election

Did you know that you are likely to lose a Lok Sabha election if you do not have a criminal background ?

This is not an opinion or ridicule towards politicians. This is cold statistics.

Out of 7809 contestants in the 2009 Lok Sabha elections, 1159 (15%) have criminal cases imagepending against them.  When you look at the winning sample, the density grows to 30% (163 out of 543) ! Mind you this is not an FIR or an allegation, this is a legal proceeding, in many cases where the plaintiff is the Government of India (i.e State) itself. In the table below, an increase in the percentage indicates that the trait is more prevalent in the winners.

Trait Candidates
N = 7809
N = 543
Politicians with Declared Criminal Cases against them 15% 30%
Politicians with Declared Serious Criminal Cases against them 8% 14%
Crorepati candidates 16% 58%
Women 7% 11%

Source: Association For Democratic Reforms, National Election Watch :

So, if you are aspiring to become a political leader and sacrifice your life (sob sob) for the masses of this great nation, consider these insider tips.

  • Make sure you have a criminal background.
  • Better still, have a serious criminal background.
  • Be rich. Stinking rich.
  • Do not pay Income Tax

You would be surprised to know that 62% of the candidates that various political parties nominated for contesting elections and 15% of the current MPs (those who won) do not have a PAN card. Which means they do not pay Income Tax and any data regarding their income or net worth is suspect.

One good news, is that you are slightly more likely to win if you are a woman. But 11% representation of a gender that constitutes approximately 50% of the population leaves much to be deserved still.

Do you have your neta attire out yet ?




  1. But the fault is with us. despite knowing this we have voted for these candidates and not boycotted the elections. Also young educated honest people shun politics. So there is most often no alternative. But the article is an informative read indeed.


  2. Completely agree with Amrita, we the people of India are at fault for the current state of the country… Each one of us are so carried away with our own lives, we hardly care about the country .. I am an educated person, 23 now, but i have never voted… I had always seen my parents vote in KV school, that’s where it happens in Vizag steel plant, and i always thought when i grow up i will vote for this particular party … But i never did, due to many reasons, i stay in Bangalore, but if i have to vote i need to vote from Vizag 😦 Excuse my ignorance here …
    I have never explored the options of transferring it to Bangalore .. This year that is one thing on my TO DO list …

    Sarcasm at its best 🙂 Nice article … No “pan card” .. Really !!!!
    Hoping that this changes in the years to come !!!


  3. Amrita, Divya – Thank you for your views.

    I remember being present at a Town Hall meeting where the CEO of our company, a very broad-minded and successful businessman, was speaking. Our company has been trying to win several government tenders, notably from the Ministry of Railways, in an unwaveringly fair, transparent way and so far unsuccessful. Many of us who know the inside stories are frustrated with some aspects of the government. So this guy, the CEO, made a statement, in a non-accusatory or denigrating way, “You get the government you deserve”. Immediately he realized it was not the nicest statement to make to a room full of Indians so he skillfully continued speaking but slightly changed track to offer a whole new perspective, “You guys are damn good. So sooner or later you will get what you deserve.”


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