BWS: One from the shoebox


This is probably one of my oldest school photos, circa 1991.

We used to run this group in school called Bosco Welfare Society (BWS) which had roots in an earnest desire to do good for others. Started by the trio of Bhaskar Roychaudhuri, Sudiptangshu Roychoudhury and yours truly, this was a hodge-podge la supreme. Sudip came from a family which was heavily invested in Nehruvian/Congress politics while Bhaskar and I brought left-liberal leanings. The problem was that we were in a Christian missionary school where any talk about a student’s union would merit immediate expulsion. So, a students’ union it could not aspire to be. The school establishment probably smelled rats and put a young preacher-to-be, Br. Mark Mondal, in charge of this new group BWS. He was young, we gelled well and got going.

While we where trying to get the rudder of this ship straight, came in Srinjoy Bose (now a Trinamool Congress Rajyasabha MP – the fatso with his arm extended; he’s my buddy so I can call him names without fear of defamation). Srinjoy was, for lack of a better description, a pedigree capitalist. And we were a motley crue, riding the river of life without a care.

We actually did stuff. From helping out the Don Bosco Night School to organising soccer camps (for parts of which we were the organizers, coaches and sole participants) – we had our share of fun and joy. I think at its peak, the membership grew close to 100 and like every organisation worth its salt, we had several fallouts and regroups.

Those days will never come back but the fondest memories remain. Thanks to Sudip (the one with big specs and a bigger smile) for pulling this photo out from 1991.


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