Tunnel of Love

Today morning I got up real early, around 5 AM, and then indulged in one of my favourite pastimes – curling up in bed and pretending to sleep. I can play tricks with my mind like nobody’s business.

A random spam email led me to a blog I used to write long time ago. It was my first blog and here’s a nice post from my first day of blogging, 8 Dec 2000.


When I first moved into Bangalore, I used to stay at a P.G accommodation. I still fondly remember, so many evenings spent on the terrace of that building listening to Mark Knopfler, sitting alone on the edge of the wall or atop the water tank – watching the sun go down. I still love that song – Tunnel of Love.

That rainbow in the userpic is from my first proper (rented) home in Bangalore, in Thippasandra. It’s a little anachronistic because the picture is from 2004-05; my userpic was updated much later. I ran that blog till 2007 and then after a few failed starts and what not – ended up here.

I found my Kindle after some time. My things have a life of their own. Sometimes, they disappear from my life. Like just vanish, you know ! And then suddenly at some unexpected moment, they re-appear like an old friend who don’t need feel the need to please-knock-before-you-barge-in. That’s OK. So, I found myself reading this book on the Kindle, which I can happily recommend to other people.

Just be careful, there’s one page with bold title “How to Prepare Yourself for the Perfect First Date” (or something similar). It can lead to some rather embarrassing situations if your bookmark, electronic of paper-leafy, is found hanging out there.

And if, unlike me, you are actually preparing for such a magnanimous occasion, this book does arm you with some interesting insights into human minds and how to attract people of the opposite gender.


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