Money can’t buy happiness. Or can it ?

They say, money can’t buy you happiness.

I haven’t really met them but my conjecture is that they are pretty well-off. Maybe we should ask the poor people if they believe whether money can buy them happiness or not. I haven’t actually asked any and I think it would be rather cruel to do so; but I have a feeling that the answer is self-evident.

The United Nations Human Development Index 2011 measures “Happiness Index” of countries in the world based on a bunch of factors such as health, gender equality, education. Interestingly it emerges that:

  • Annual per-capita income for the top-ten countries > $25000
  • Annual per-capita income for the bottom-ten countries < $1500

So the correlation between money and happiness is not too difficult to see.

And what’s even more striking is that all the bottom-ten countries are situated in Africa. Yes, Africa – the dark continent.

Rank Country Per-capita income (US$)
178 Guinea 863
179 Central African Republic 707
180 Sierra Leone 737
181 Burkina Faso 1,141
182 Liberia 265
183 Chad 1,105
184 Mozambique 898
185 Burundi 368
186 Niger 641
187 Democratic Republic of Congo 280

India sits comfortably at 134, sandwiched between Cape Verde and Ghana as neighbours and dismally below Palau (@49, where is it ?), Libya (@64, and Gaddafi was Evil ?) and Greece (@29, erm, I thought they were bankrupt ?)

Earth boy - Africa


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