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I have been listening to this video many times over the last week.

Ever since I heard Warren Haynes on the Phil Lesh and Friends’ album about 5-6 years back, I was done. Southern Soul – pure, unrestrained. The sweet sound of major pentatonics.

This video is a favourite for a couple of reasons. Not just a couple – that’s just a way of speaking.

  1. The sweet sound of that Gibson Les Paul out of Marshall amps. And those fat stubby fingers that keep the strings perfectly under control, esp on the bends.
  2. Two drummers. Hah ! Two drummers !! And both of them, as far as I can say(or hear) are playing the same stuff. No interlocking, no syncopations, no fancy tone differences. Straight ahead southern rocks. It feels like a “chorus” for drums.
  3. Two backing vocalists – male. Geez, I think I was done upto my nose watching the crooners behind Eric Clapton and Dave Gilmour and countless others; swaying, literally to their own music. Sometimes I wonder, whether they are there for some musical purpose of pure eye candy. (I have no problem with the latter though). But it’s refreshing to see two male crooners singing falsetto.
  4. Derek Trucks – you got to watch Trucks’ face at around 2:46 when the song goes into the bridge:

    “Sometimes a man, can feel this loneliness, like a woman has robbed him of his very soul/Woman too, God knows, can feel like this/When your world seems cold, you got to let your spirit take control”

    You can argue it’s sweat but I think that’s Mr. Trucks choked and crying. And why not – this is a powerful song – esp. with the guitar lead that follows.


I can keep on writing.

Like John Coltrane’s notoriously long solos. Story goes that Trane once said, “I don’t know how to stop”. To which Miles Davis, in his inimitable Miles’ manner said, “Try taking the *cking horn out of your mouth”.


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