Piety Street

Another crazy week winds down. 11 years ago, to this day, I set foot upon Bangalore. I still remember my friends, Suranjan, Pinaki and Prabuddha coming to receive me at SBC. And then to IISc… many a street have I walked through this city.l45315

Now, listening to Piety Street by John Scofield, a guitarist I like a lot.

This is a beautiful take on Gospel standards presented in a guitar-based jazz orchestration. Actually a great album to listen to relish and understand how gospel, blues and jazz blend in-and-out from the same strains. Africa’s biggest contribution to America ;-). I love the CD sleeve, I love the guitar tone, and most of all I love the rendition of the negro spiritual “Motherless Child”. This is the song, the improvised country rock version of which Richie Havens, sang at Woodstock after having run out of songs being called back for multiple encores. The power of three simple chords. And how the beauty unfolds in this multi-layered reggae-jazz version that Scofield presents. Here’s a nice review at BBC Music.

One good thing that got done this week was I nicely equalized and setup my Yamaha home-theater. Look forward to some more nice evenings.


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