Links of the Week: FW 26

Second quarter comes to an end. So does half of the year. Here are some interesting things that caught my eye in the last week.

1. The 100 greatest non-fiction books

A fine list compiled by Guardian. You may head for your favourite bookstore after reading this. Even if you don’t, just reading the list is nice.


2. TheDevelopment Process of python-logo-master-v3-TM-flattened

A fantastic presentation by Ezio Melotti that captures the essence and complexity of the open-source development of a programming language. For hard-core geeks, software managers and anyone who would like to get an insider view into large-scale software development. The content is strong and I *loved* Ezio’s presentation style – very “tabbed and clean” – if I may use some Pythonspeak.

3. Stepney

This one’s a typical weirdo of mine. Ever wonder where the word “stepney” came from ?


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