June 11: Links of the Week

Social Networking for Engineers
The case for inter-disciplinary research and life beyond facecrook 🙂

How I Learned to Live Google-free
Joshua Romeiro talks about his quest to break-free of what looks like our generation’s version of the Skynet 😉http://spectrum.ieee.org/telecom/internet/how-i-learned-to-live-google-free/0

How to Create Presentations that Don’t Suck – Lifehacker
Some of us are junkies about trying to do things better although we never seem to make much progress anyways. Here’s one for those on that constant quest to create a lasting impression 🙂

The Python SMTP ServerImage
Here’s a cool one. I won’t ever use this and I don’t see any of you guys using this; but I loved the sassiness in the website. So here it is !http://lifehacker.com/5810271/how-to-create-presentations-that-dont-suck

The Javascript Linux Emulator (needs Firefox 4 or Chrome 11 or IE 9 & above)
A fascinating Linux emulator built with Javascript. The bootup is pure rush – 29.30 s on my machine.


And finally, here is my name in QR-Code. Go generate yours !



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