imageLast two years, while I have been working on my M.S, I decided to drastically cut down on movies. This year, now that the program is over, I have been slowly catching on. These are the movies I have seen this year, and hope to do a few more this year.

Recommendations welcome !





Robin Hood – Prince of Thieves

All-time fave
Bishar Blues National award winning documentary
Taxi Driver Must-watch De Niro classic
Jimi Hendrix The American Landing Documentary on Hendrix’s performance at the Monterey festival, 1967
Dabangg Contrary to personal expectations, I liked this one.
The Expendables Amitabh Bachchan should tell Sylvester Stallone its cool to be grampa
Ip Man 2 Don’t judge a movie by its sequel
Ocean’s 13 What comes between 11 and 12 ? Well, 13, in this case.
The King’s Speech Watch once and decide it’s Oscar-worthiness for yourself
I, Robot Run away
Green Zone Run away fast
The Recruit Pacino saving grace. Avoidable.
Baabarr Keep sharp objects away if you choose to ignore my advice and watch this. You may end up hurting yourself.
There Will Be Blood Watch on big-screen for the stunning visuals, 42” does not suffice. Selective choice.
Up In The Air Surprise of the season. 5 star

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