I got up at 5 AM in the morning, for no particular reason. I had, in mind, a blog post I had to write about a movie I saw last night; but maybe that will come later. As I plugged on my laptop, I saw a couple of computer books strewn around. Somebody’s been mucking around with my desk and belongings ! And then I got this shiver; I wanted to write code !

Let me establish the context here. I don’t write code. I don’t get to write code. It’s kind of like running. But there’s a part of me which would rather not do anything else. So what do you get when you have a lustful coder with no practice at his art ? Real bad code.

So for an hour (although it seemed just a few minutes) I wondered about a couple of deeply metaphysical questions:

  • What should I write ? Solve some puzzles ? Embark on the coolest new project ? Try my hand at a new language ?
  • Why the hell should I write it ? .. and most importantly
  • Which programming language

After having flitted around with these very important questions, I went off to sleep again. Finally woke up and decided that the answer was Ruby and the thing I want(ed) to write was a simple disk backup software.

So, over the last couple of hours, I put together something in Ruby. The end result is not all that important (and I am not done yet), but the journey is the destination. It was fun re-discovering the beautiful language. I do have the basic directory traversal and checksum computation going fit and fine. About two hours, about 20 lines of code. Pas mal.


I also have a name for this project. Backrub. The Ruby backupper.

I am sure there are like 17 similar projects out there. I am also sure that like my many other programming projects, this too shan’t see light of the day. But hey, what’s life without a little incompleteness ? Anyway, hereby I give unto myself the key requirements of this project.

  1. This will run on my laptop and that is the only configuration that this program is required to run on.
  2. It will be a simple commandline Ruby program to perform an incremental backup of my hard disk.

Well, it’s that simple !

Now having satiated myself, let me connect to the VPN (I am working from home for the first half today) and login to Skynet. And live my other life.


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