Ten Years After

Life has a way of coming full circle.

Today morning I dropped my mother and my daughter at her school on the occasion of Grandparents’ Day. I had some time to kill on my hands. A couple of choices existed. I could drive back home, about 20 minutes, try out some new guitar patches for an upcoming show. Or, go over to the GE office nearby, on Airport road and connect to the Network. Exchange emails. Finish some online trainings, maybe. Get some work moving.

There’s lots of it, anyways. Always.

After a lot of indecision, cinema-style U-turns amidst blaring horns, I found myself at the gates of Golden Enclave where the GE Healthcare office is situated.

And as I walked in through the red-tiled pathway, it struck me. Ten years ago, almost on the same day, I had joined GE fresh out of school and walked in through these gates. This was my first office.

I had joined GE on 7th August, 2000. Life has come full circle.

Writing this blog post in itself is quite nostalgic and the fact that I am doing this from a desk very close to where I sat on the first day of my job is doubly special. The naysayers, however, may point out that I have “not gone anywhere”, literally.


Looking back is always a nice thing, especially if you have a cup of coffee around. And your past has been kind to you. And I can say with deep gratitude that despite all the blame-game fights, missed deadlines, unmet expectations, GE has been kind to me to an extent which is probably grossly undeserved.

I have been nominated for two of GE’s leading career development programs (the return of investment on which is suspect), I have been to lands that I never even dreamt of, I have met people who have changed my life.

A few times I have thought of leaving GE, to seek my fortunes elsewhere and I guess once I came quite close. I don’t know what lies ahead – whether I am going to write a similar note after ten years, or be gone next month. As we say in GE, “We will find out after S2”.

In the meantime, here’s a toast to all the people who have made me successful. You have kept me going in times of despair, mildly bumped up my IQ level or sometimes silently withstood the scarcity, thrown steep challenges at me (knowingly or in spite :0).

It’s not “So Long”, quite yet.
But Hey !
Thanks for the Fish. [1]



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