Coach Wooden

Taking a cue off the signature line of a mentor of mine, I was inspired to read up about John Wooden, and came across his Pyramid of Success

John Wooden is no upstart “management-guru” and until you go to his site and read through each of these blocks you wont really appreciate the depth of experience and wisdom from which these spring.

Personally, I loved his thoughts on “Intentness”, where he defines it,

“I will say it is the ability to resist temptation and stay the course, to concentrate on your objective with determination and resolve”.

Pretty plaid, may be somewhat cliched, too. But then he proceeds with an example that blew my mind. (and I came to appreciate what or who John Wooden is).

Here’s a little example of what I mean. In 1948, I began coaching basketball at UCLA. Each hour of practice we worked very hard. Each day we worked very hard. Each week we worked very hard. Each season we worked very hard. For fourteen years, we worked very hard and didn’t win a national championship. However, a national championship was won in the fifteenth year. Another in the sixteenth. And eight more in the following ten years.

  Here’s the link to the Pyramid of Success.


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