A day at the Regional Passport Office

I arrived there at 8:15 AM. Left at 2:30 PM. Spent 6:15 hrs at the Regional Passport Office in Koramangala, Bangalore to apply for the re-issue of my passport (due to expire in July). It took a long time, but the work got done. I was happy to note the complete absence of self-proclaimed facilitators (a.k.a touts) or any demand by any official for any sort of bribe.

The place is a bit (just a bit) chaotic but in all fairness, I did not find the government officials to be unnecessarily bureaucratic (or lazy). But if your paperwork is not proper, then you would have to run around a couple of times.

Some tips:

  1. Carry all originals.
  2. All affidavits have to be submitted in original (plus a copy).
  3. Carry at least 2 address proofs that clearly establish that you have been staying in your current residence for more than 1 year. Else, you have to do multiple police verifications.
  4. Arrange the copies into two bunches. One bunch goes along with the main application; the other goes with the 2 PP forms (that goes to the Police Station for verification).
  5. The queue, I guess starts at around 7.30. But, I would say the optimal time to stand in the queue is around 8.45 – 9.00.
  6. You may have to stand in the sun/rain for a while so carry an umbrella.
  7. Lunch hours is 1:30 – 2:00. No one will work. However, you may not be free to go out, because you will lose your place in the queue.
  8. Carry some reading material and munchies. Yes, it’s kind of a daytrip.

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