Independence Day, 2009

Yesterday, the team decided to celebrate Independence Day at work. We were asked to come in ethnic wear. I came in a black, short-kurta, whose ethnicity many people questioned. I think my pair of faded L531 jeans was offsetting that.

Then something funny happened. I was called upon to give a short inaugural speech. Maybe because I am the “manager” ? Ah well, I have no problems with speaking but this was the first time somebody called upon me to give a sort-of-keynote on Independence Day. This is usually reserved for white kurta-clad politicians. Or people whose crumpled, aged skin looks like they might have had fought the war of Independence.

Alexandre, the French intern on my team, surprised us by not only coming dressed in tricolor (God knows where he got it from !) but also taking out a printout of the lyrics of the national anthem when we all rose to sing it.


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