Local Hero

I picked up the movie a couple of weeks ago from the British Council Library only because the music is by Mark Knopfler. The theme music is beautiful and quite popular. But that was the lesser surprise. The movie bowled me over with its unique mellow tone.

Nothing stands out – a very simplistic, bland plot, no major twists or turns, an unimpressive cast, no deeply philosophical or taut dialogues. No extravagant camera. Even the music does not stand out in your face.

And I guess that’s what is so outstanding about the movie.

You can smell Scotland in the movie (but how would I know, I’ve never been there), so to prime up the experience I unchained myself to indulge in some fine scotch.

With or without the liquor, if you are one of those people who get attracted by simplicity, here’s a movie to cherish.


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