NMDC Global Cafe

I was at GE’s New Manager Development Course in Hyderabad, a week back. An interesting thing that was started was the “Global Cafe”. Participants were requested to bring an a souvenir from some place they’ve visited or lived and talk about their experiences before dinner, one designated evening. The idea was to reinforce the increasing global nature of GE (most of these visits we found out were on company business 🙂 and the need for Inclusiveness to be an even more cherished growth value.

A lot of people brought really interesting things and I apologize for not being able to remember and list all of them. Here’s a brief list:

Ajay from GE Healthcare got a Rubik’s Cube reminiscent of one of his visits to Hungary. He even solved a few faces over dinner !

Mandeep from Global Research brought a half-empty bottle of Rakia, a Bulgarian fruit brandy. Truth be told, it was half-full because Mandeed generously offered us to empty the bottle. That was so so much appreciated because there was a temporary prohibition in Hyderabad owing to election eve.

Nruthya from GE Healthcare confessed to have a “fetish for hairpins”, and proudly displayed her pick from China.

Shweta from GE Energy showed as her souvenir from Japan, a set of truly beautiful hand-painted chopsticks.

Rajeev from GE Healthcare was the true country-boy, proudly displaying (and offering) sachets of MTR Puliyogare Mix, a tribute to the cuisine of Karnataka. Who knew “tamarind rice” had more than 14 ingredients !

Neeti from GE Money passed around a lucky charm to ward off the “Evil Eye” that she picked up from Turkey on a GE-sponsored celebratory vacation. Now beat that !

One splendid evening, complete with rich, participatory discussions on countries, culture and sweet memories.



  1. Extremely sorry. ‘Twas a disaster in that sense. We were holed up at Novotel near HITEX for the stay and did not get a chance to venture out at all. I was actually looking for somebody to take me out on a trip of the older parts of the city which hold more intrigue for me. I did get the chance to do a circle of the Charminar in a cab on my way to the airport. I was surprised by the Hindu temple hugging the walls.


  2. I would have loved to give you the tour … Novotel is quite close to my office too.

    Anyway – do remember next time. I think GE gives plenty of corp trainings in Hyderabad 😉


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