Varun Gandhi is telling the Truth


The quasiofficial political line to save Varun Gandhi seems to be going like this.

“We believe Varun has not said any thing against the Muslims, because, …. uh because well I was not there when he said it. Oh yes, I saw those tapes and they seem real, but hey Varun made an official statement saying they were doctored, (though I do not understand quite how), I think Varun is telling the truth. Ah well, in any case, he is telling the truth because either the fact that the tapes are doctored is true and if not, then what he said about Muslims is definitely true”.

So, you see, of course Varun Gandhi is telling the truth.

The problem in religion intolerance is not about religion. Its about intolerance. Today you feel superior to a group of people on grounds of religion. You think its OK to ridicule them, to chastise them, to disown them, to cut off their hands.  Tomorrow,  its about people of the same religion but from a different part of the country. The day after its about women, what they wear, who they hang out with.


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