The Death of Web 2.0

Something strange happened.

Last few months I have been busy like crazy. Very little blogging, social interactions. Today after a long time, I resisted hitting the “Shift-Delete” on TechCrunch email. Opened it and started reading the first article..

My mind wandered to something that I have been thinking of — about the Web 2.0 phenomenon. It’s a dying star. For whatever reasons, partly recessionary, partly (more so) because of Web 2.0 innovation has reached some sort of an asymptotic saturation, Web 2.0 is not really going much anywhere. In the last six months, have you seen another 37 signals or a Twitter or a technology runover like Ruby on Rails ? Seen any major paradigm shifts, lately ?

I have been following Barcamp Bangalore 8 (the making) and not much comes to my notice. The same old things. Newer people. Fresh perspectives. Renewed (And much better) invigoration. But pretty much the same old things.

In my mind, web 2.0 is a dying star. Which is not bad, necessarily. It could mean that we are gearing up for another paradigm shift. I have not blogged lately much as I was thinking of putting down my thoughts in a post titled, “The Death of Web 2.0”.

As my mind returned back to the TechCrunch email, I scrolled down, the headline of the second article rose to view. “The Death of ‘Web 2.0′”. A fine article, I must say.

Pretty much on similar lines. So darn uncanny. Shook me a bit.


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