Six Books

When I enter a bookstore, I am like the proverbial child in a candy store. And knowing this, my sister gave me a Rs. 1500 grant (Read b’day gift vouchers) at Crossword. Here’s what I bought. Now I have to print my name on these with a green pen. And read them.


I have never read Tom Peters’ work. Dilly-dallied with this for while, but the sheer energy of the book got to me at last.

From the title, looks like another run-of-the-mill management book. But under closer scrutiny, something inside me said "There’s a lot you can learn here, sonny"

Unbelievable poetry.

I love McCormack’s old school thoughts. No emails, he talks about ‘memos’ !

When I don’t know whether I should buy a book, I open up a page at random and read it end to end. If I feel held, I buy it.

Tired of reading biographies of people who made a lot of money

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