Free Fish

Blogging via the free WIFI of Bangalore International Airport.

Almost driven by an obsessive compulsive disorder, the first thing I did was to log into the GE VPN. A tad slow, but ah-the-relief-of-knowing-that-my-little-world-is-doing-fine is immeasurable, especially since I last checked up my inbox was almost two and a half hours ago. 

Humor apart, the one thing I like about this airport is the free fish. I mean free Wi-Fi. I do not recall any other airport where I have seen this. I am not what you would call a “world traveller”, but I do have seen a few airports. Nobody offers this. This is so cool. Well, it’s not exactly free. You have to send an SMS to a number to receive a password by a return SMS. So that’s Re. 1 (I think–I am not exactly sure how much these SMS-s cost me)

The ride to the airport was completely devoid of congestion and an hour’s drive by Meru cabs. The cab was well appointed and the driver a talkative middle-aged gentleman. While he did keep me from snatching a quick nap, he did share a lot of details about the business model and operations of Meru.

I took a few snaps of this airport but I just realised that I’ve forgotten the appropriate USB cable at home. Nice trip it’s gonna be.


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