How Software Is Built

A nice, purposeful blog, this captures very interesting interviews with people well-seeped in the art of this trade.

In one interview, Mark Osborne, Chief Architect of the Microsoft’s Developer Division (responsible for Visual Studio) talks about the problems every almost company faces.

But at the end of the day, there’s this kind of tension between needing to get product out the door, and all the stuff that you have to do in order to produce a quality product. So at a divisional level, we’re really looking at what can we do to put a process in place that basically helps developers do the right thing.

This way when schedule pressure is applied to them, for example, they have a mechanism to push back and say, “No, actually I need to get the performance right. I need to get the security right. We’re going to have to cut features or we’re going to have to slip the release, or whatever, in order to be able to release with quality.”

This goes into my feedreader.


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