Ryana Sarcar – Graduate

My daughter graduated from pre-school. I am not sure if it is a summa cum laude, but handicapped with parents who have never physically donned that black robe, it is by no means a mean feat to wear that hat at the tender age of four.

The graduation ceremony was preceded by the Annual Concert where she was played prominent parts as a jellyfish and a red color pencil. Both were very demanding roles. As a jellyfish she had to wiggle and waggle all the time. She, unlike a real jellyfish, did not have the luxury of doing it underwater.

As a color pencil, she had to keep her face jutted out of the small window of the prop (which her mother made with utmost love and dedication), giving it the stout resolve that only a red color pencil can possess. And oh, before I forget, she had a moral-of-the-story dialogue too, right up ahead in front of that mic, “We must never make fun of each other”.

Click on the photos for more photos.


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