True Love Will Never Fade

True Love Will Never Fade is the first song on Knopfler’s new album, Kill To Get Crimson. Another love song, you’d think, professing eternal union.

I fixed a needle in a holder
Laid my hand upon your spine
And there upon your shoulder
I drew the picture as your sign

When I think about us
I see the picture that we made
The picture to remind us
True love will never fade

But this is Mark Knopfler. Expect difference beyond compare. Mark’s song comes at us from the voice, heart and eyes of a tattoo artist, in a distant and uncertain love with client, which renders a whole new meaning and perspective to the word “fade”. This song is worth listening to if only for the way Knopfler sings “spine”. Its such a difficult word to put in a love-song, well.. any song, but Knopfler does it with immaculate grace.



  1. you know, was listening to this song by knopfler..
    “some other kind of magic
    Was sending shivers up my spine”

    – Are we in trouble now?

    His music is so indulgent I could do a Ph.D on it. But then, only a musician would understand another! And I still have a long way to go there…


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