That I’d live to see this

My homeloan rates have come down by 0.25%. Hahahah  !!!! Who thought I’d live to see this day ?
I am totally at loss as to what I am going to do with the excess money I’ll have now on. Suggestions welcome.Borrowers excuse.



  1. Maybe start a rd account with your bank and transfer the money to that account. It will help you in renovating the house whenever u want


  2. @Prateek: That’s one of the things I do not like about this look, too. A feature of the stylesheet/theme that I downloaded. Have not tried playing with the stylesheet yet.

    @Vinayak, thanks not a bad idea !


  3. I took the liberty of checking your stylesheet. In that you have a tag called A:hover. There is a property in that which says cursor: crosshair. once you remove that the cursor would go back to the default pointing finger


  4. Hey,

    I just came across your blog a few minutes ago and read an old post of yours from December about Taare Zameen Par. I’d like to address some of the things you said in that post, but I’m a bit late and you’ve closed the comments section to that post. Is there any way I can discuss it with you without clogging up the comments for this post? Thanks 🙂 I promise I don’t have a huge angry rant or anything.


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