A couple weeks back we went to Swanthana, an orphanage specifically for mentally challenged and orphaned girl children. It was an very different experience — to see so much happiness amidst so much pain. This is one thing GE does so well — reaching to out to the community, giving back to our roots. 

Our team has done quite some work at this place. We helped them build a children’s park inside the orphanage, where every afternoon, the children can come out and play. Most of them are spastics; children with cerebral palsy and similar dysfunctions, so it is not like they jump out into the playground when its 4 o’ clock. Most of them need to be carried in arms and gently placed on the carousel or see-saw. The sisters say that the playground if having strong physiotherapeutic effects; hand-body-mind coordination of many kinds are improving. Some can now slip down the slide and a few can even climb up the gym.



  1. hi,i am gayathri..i visited this place yesterday n got to know that they r in bad shape now…they have a shortage of food n it seems noone has visited them in the past two months..please do the needful..


  2. Hi,

    I m kavitha from HP… I visited this place twice … recently i went on 24th May… We gave them some provisions and now i m tryin to recommend this to my friends who can help them in food ….


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