Ashish and Kamayani

Ashish told me that Kamayani and he are moving to Bihar to work fulltime on social/economic issues. This couple never ceases to amaze me. They left their luxurious life in the USA and returned back to India to enable Kamayani to pursue social activism. Even in the USA, I remember these two people participate at the Sunday afternoon “dharnas” at Cutler Park, against the War in Iraq, every Sunday aft’noon.

And now they are giving up their life in Bangalore and moving to Bihar to follow their purpose in life.

We’ve spent many a beautiful times together — driving to Lake Geneva, to SAFM meetings in Madison, fighting about Harsh Mander, walking for the Spastics in Bangalore — too many to recollect.

Here’s a wish, deep as deep can be
May you find you way ahead
Whilst the stars keep you company.

L to R: Sourav, Chetan, Ashish, Kamayini, Ashish’s mother, Shourya, Carol
2006 – Bangalore Spastics Society Walkathon



  1. Hello, My name is Esmail and I am a friend of Josiane Schnook. She lives in Waukesha USA and has told me about you and your friendship with her and her husband Ernst. We are travelling in Goa and will return home by end of February. Josiane’s phone number in India is 8879378239. She is looking forward to hearing from you. Josiah’s email is: Her phone number in USA is 262-225-9564 and her address in US is: 1604 Swartz Drive, Apartment 52, Waukesha Wisconsin 53188.


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