Ten Predictions about Shourya – The Movie

2008 is going to witness a movie titled Shourya. So, I predict 10 funny things are going to happen.

  1. My blog is going to get a few more hits. 
  2. At least one person is going to confuse my spelling (I am Shourya, the movie is Shaurya).
  3. At least two people are going to ask me the meaning of my name.
  4. At least three people are going to make an observation concerning the fact that the here, Rahul Bose is a Bengali. And link me somehow.
  5. At most zero people are going to link me with Rozza Catalano, the film’s heroine.
  6. At least four people are going to ask me whether I have seen the movie
  7. I am going to see this movie.
  8. Which I will blog about.
  9. Which will contribute to #1 above.
  10. This movie will flop. Reason implicit in #2.

You can view some (very) pre-release stills here.



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