Ogden Nash

I have read very little of Ogden Nash. But I chanced upon this today and makes me want to read him cover to cover !

When called by a panther,
Don’t anther.

— “The Panther”



  1. Your preference for Nash is admirable and I’ve noted in a post on <a href=”http://blog.ogdennash.org/2008/01/it-only-takes-couple-lines.html where I report on the reach and influence of Ogden Nash on contemporary life.




  2. Dear John,
    To your place on the web,
    I did surf upon
    Memories of Mr. Nash
    Preserved amongst electrons.
    Your hobby shines out as noble and curious
    To keep alive that ol’ bum hilarious

    Whilst I would gladly continue
    With my rhyme, Oh so sunkissed
    A certain American soul threatens from above
    “Cease and desist”.


  3. This is the third (or the fourth ?) time I’m hearing Ogden Nash in the last two weeks. I think it is a sign…
    …that tells me what I should read next.


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