Listening to Santana

Its 1:58 AM. Still could not get my wireless card (Dell D620, Broadcom BCM94311MCG) to work with the new 2.6.24-rc5 kernel. But could get my speakers working with the freshly compiled ALSA driver from Intel. Ah ! Santana’s Europa never sounded so sweet !

Yesterday we went to Nanking, a chinese eatery inside Sigma Mall on Cunningham Road. Their punchline is “Seriously Chinese”. My verdict, “Avoid, seriously”. Unless your masochistic tendencies urge you to go to a restaurant with nice decor, high rates, vague service and poor poor cuisine.

Feeling hungry *now*. A Ninja-style refrigerator raid seems to be in order.

 Update: Yesterday afternoon (23 Dec), with help from two of the modest maintainers, could get my card to work. There were still some boot-time loading issues of the driver with rc5, which went away after I upgraded to rc6 today.


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