Bug night

There is a unequalled thrill in struggling late into the night, fixing a tricky bug, and (strangely) having dinner all alone. Tragic hero, programmer.

The last time I did this was in 2006, I think. Toiled at the CT bay, rewrote parts of CT install (which yours truly has contributed to in modest proportions) to fix an RCOC install issue. Then off to Denny’s on Grandview at 2:00 a.m for dinner.

Last night was similar. A tricky bug, which was disallowing Dynamic VUE to start up as a non-sdc user, was being fought. Ramakanth and I struggled long through layers of XJT and JFK code. Finally I straced through some of the JFK dameon code, revealing the culprit — a hidden /tmp/.tca file with incorrect perms. (Darn, why do root causes always have to be so trivial in hindsight ? I mean think about it, why did the Titanic sink ? 😉

Anyway, left work at 11:20 p.m, got back home at 11:45 and met a solitary cockroach waiting by the kitchen door waiting anxiously to see if I would return or if he should call some of his friends to try and overturn the lids on my meals kept neatly covered on the dining table and enjoy the fish.

Damn you cockroach, ain’t no bug coming between me and phish.


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