Healthcare on Linux

Slashdot carried an article on how McKesson is bringing in Linux into Healthcare.
Hello, anybody listening ? GE got Linux-based CT scanners into the market way back in 2002. Yes, let me brag a tbit, please. I fought that war. We moved the whole goddamn scanner console from IRIX to Linux. We even had our own GEMS Linux distribution (I wrote parts of the installer :-).

So late you are, pooh boy.

In the article, there is a line:
“The cure is moving many of McKesson’s medical software applications to Linux”

On which somebody has written a spoof of The Cure‘s song (Friday I’m in Love)

Monday, applications choke
Tuesday, Wednesday, RAID set’s broke
Thursday, let out the magic smoke
but on Friday, I patch bugs

Monday, my xorg conf is toast
Tuesday, Wednesday, CPU roasts
Thursday, it won’t even POST
but on Friday, I patch bugs.


One Comment

  1. Yes, lot of people did move from IRIX to *Nix or WinXX. But I am wondering today what is the good proposition for moving to Linux?

    Are the any new motivators today to move into Linux market?


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