The first seven years

This is a special post.

I had started blogging on December 8, 2000. On my livejournal account. That year, a few months back, I had also joined GE. My first job. More water has passed under the bridge than I had ever hoped would. And some splashed onto the shore of that unknown river and moistened my feet.

Seven years is a queer expanse of time. Not long enough to claim wisdom, not that brief to be waived off. The First Seven Years, interestingly, is my all-time favourite short story. We had it in school as part of our English Literature syllabus.

In these seven years I wept with joy and laughed at the irony of life, watched a Mark Knopfler concert, visited a beautiful land, begat an angel, got married. I wrote a hundred poems, a few songs and a bit of code (that compiled).

Most importantly, I grew up.

Leave you with a picture from 2000 that I dug out. From left to right, friends from Don Bosco School, Calcutta : Rohit Banerjee, Intekhab Islam, Shourya Sarcar, Arpan Roy. The brick-like thing in my hand is a mobile phone, not mine though.


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