Bringing in the Christmas Cheer

  When Maui was born, on 7th December 2003, there was snow all around in Waukesha. Maybe for that reason, I have a strong Christmas association about her. Today, she and I went over to Hippocampus where “Sarayu Aunty” was teaching the kids how to make Christmas trees out of velvet paper. With a little help from dado, Maui made a nice tree. I wonder what Santa will bring her this time. 

After that I left her at a table and went to search for some books and DVDs for her. I was keeping an eye on her from a distance and enjoying being a proud dad while I saw her balance and assemble these random blocks on top of one another. It was pretty impressive ! Given that the picture on the left is what her father was upto a few days ago in the office coffee-room (Pranav&Sumati in pic), I have a strong feeling this runs in the family.

Maybe rope-tricks in the vaudeville in our past life.


Yesterday, she had dressed up as a fairy for a fancy-dress show in school. She strutted the ramp, dressed up in pink finery complete with wings, tiara and a wand. Fineries imported from Calcutta, courtesy her maternal grandmother and aunt ! Her cousin, Letu, I am told has a similar one. I video-taped much of the show and you can enjoy some parts here.


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