Barcamp and Passions : 3 Video-Encounters


Barcamp is full of passionate people. Here I chose three such video-encounters that I had at Barcamp Bangalore 5 on Nov 17 .

I have very high regards for these people as visionary and passionate individuals and wish them all the best in their endeavours.

Prateek Dayal left his cushy dayjob to follow his heart: music and photography. Nithya and Prateek now run, an online community for musicians.

Tech Trivia: It’s a Ruby on Rails product.


Ashish Sinha is the driving force behind, a blog dedicated toward the startup scenario in India. The joke is that is the TechCrunch of India and Michael Arrington is the Ashish Sinha of the Valley. In this encounter, Ashish talks about his blogging and some constructive criticism on Barcamp Bangalore.


Nishant Shah and Rashmi talk about their penchant to write a novel of 50K words in 1 month (November). Yes, you got it right, they are into NaNoWriMo.



I have a bunch of other videos that I am in the process of uploading.  Check out as they appear, get a subscription or something !




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