Barcamp Bangalore : Thanks, Sponsors


17 – 18 November, 2007, this is where I plan to core dump


A great set of organisations have come forward to support the ecosystem. Thanks, dear sponsors.


 It is good to see a large number of great companies come forward and support us. And , being in the sponsorship team, I can tell you, we got fabulous and speedy response from all of the people you see on the right.

No more endless phone-calls, no more “please-please-sir”, no more splitting hairs over decimal points. Given that BCB is a completely zero-profit endeavour (organisers actually lose money :-), its good to see corporations come up with such generosity and politeness and help us nurture this ecosystem.


Thoughtworks has been with us for a loooooong time. And we are more excited than ever to see Nokia and Sun be our Gold Sponsors this time.

And yesterday night, when Google committed to being the platinum sponsor, some people hurt their head against the ceiling jumping in glee. 

So if you are at BCB5, do not forget to thank these people. Start a startup with their hardware, blow their API, go to work for them — choose your style.



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