Happy Diwali 2007


10:51 am

Harris tells me that America and Scorpions is performing in Bangalore later this year. Dates are tentative and there is some confusion. From his email:

Scorpions is also performing in B’lore. The date as per their website is 16-12-07. I was told by someone that it is November 16th. Will keep u all posted on that too.


8:19 am

Water on the wash basin seeped into my Moto Ming. I thought of dunking it in some Smirnoff as advised by a friend, but tried the good old wiping fist. Seems that the damage was not major. Things working.


3:17 pm

I get excited everytime somebody plays Mark Knopfler or Dire Straits at work. Or anywhere, actually. The other day, I was at Brewhaha and they played the whole Golden Heart album. Man, that cofee was worth a thousand bucks. Now, I can hear strains of Sultans of Swing. I think Anushree is playing this.


12:41 pm

I had started up a chatroom on Sametime today. About 15 of us got in and started yapping. Manager saab was also logged in from home. After the usual rounds of Happy Diwali-ing each other, Manager saab offered to reimburse lunch — Diwali bonus ;-). And off we went to Sindbad at ITPL. Decent buffet; a tad expensive, but the food is good. I remember last year we had gone to Radha Hometel on a similar occasion.


One Comment

  1. On Knopfler …
    Last week when I was driving to work, they played “Postcards from Paraguay” on Radio Indigo. Absolutely loved it ! When the song ended, I mind-clicked on the rocks option of your Mark Knopfler poll 🙂

    After coming to work, I searched the music collection on my laptop and realized I had the song – in fact the complete album ! If my little grey cells serve me right, I had ripped the album out of the CD you had. Unfortunately I had not reached song no. 10 yet. This time I selected that song and heard it again !


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