PlugLondon: An interesting variation on Barcamp

Four companies come together an invite the software developers of a city to come and discuss technology.

Welcome to PlugLondon.

Eat, drink, make merry, go back and write code. Sounds very Barcampish, but I like a few twists that have been put in. From the website,

This is not a corporate exercise driven by PR but started as a quick meeting over many beers of the founders, people who work for large corporations but didn?t want to go to yet another fancy meeting in the Silicon Valley. We know the talent is here, and we know that you can help us make our offers more relevant to you and the web, which is why we started PlugLondon.


1. Cut out the HR and PR
This is not a recruiting drive, this is not corporate branding, this is about programmers and product developers coming together sharing thoughts and ideas, learning from some of the experts, talking about what makes sense and what does not.

A real good example of walking the talk, The smallText says:
“Click the logos to get to their developer programs – no marketing here”.




2. My city rocks
As the world gets flatter, smaller, global village (choose your favorite cliche here), we all suffer from a certain cultural planing. Yes, we belong to the great common creed of programmers, software developers and geek-spectra, but there is a definite need to preserve the cultural diversity that we arise from. Bangalore should be different from Berlin should be different from London should be different from the Valley. This is an empirical belief I subscribe to.

In brief, I dig the way PlugLondon brings the focus on London and in some sense enters an open conflagration with The Valley. (Don’t you touch B’lore, boys šŸ˜‰

I am really starting to miss the Vidhana Soudha silhouette on the Barcamp Bangalore logo; think should have pushed harder for it.

 Looks like some interesting things will happen in Londontown on December 8.



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